Organisations that follow ethical principles


How we achieve this

  • By offering practical and confidential advice on ethical issues, policy, implementation, support systems and codes of ethics, and by
  • Delivering training in ethics for board members, staff and employees
  • Undertaking research and surveys into good practice and ethical business conduct
  • Publishing practical reports to help identify solutions to business dilemmas
  • Providing a neutral forum for debating current issues and meetings to facilitate the sharing of good practice
  • Supporting business education in the delivery of business ethics in the curriculum offering the media and others informed opinion on current issues and good practise. please contact us if you would like assistance.
  • Four interactive modules will guide employees in recognising and dealing confidently with day to day ethical challenges at work. The training course will support employees at all levels, in organisations of any size, in any sector, to "do the right thing".
  • Business-to-consumer web site for corporate credentials and client servicing
  • Integration with 1st Software Adviser Office for on-line reporting
  • Integration with Morning Star for fund performance data
  • Fund Supermarket Integrated with Fidelity
  • Interactive planning tools and tax tables

business training

For more information and to sign up for an ethics training session, please contact us

Situations which our clients often face are:

  • ethical principlesFacing repossession of their property
  • Emigration
  • Relocation
  • Divorce/separation
  • Inherited property & bereavement
  • Equity release & downsizing
  • Ill health & redundancy
  • Fears over interest rate rises
  • Financial problems and debts

We deal with people from all walks of life who are looking to sell their house fast for cash. Each client has  their own unique issues and we offer to listen to what they need and then provide a fully tailored solution to those issues.

Intelligent Capital

  • Integrated with Mortgage Brain for product research
  • On-line Quote and Buy application for general insurance products
  • WebLog for publishing daily commentary on the mortgage sector
  • Campaign to drive visitors to the site via Search Engine marketing

Please see a number of recent projects below as a taster of our design capability

You can even rentback your property and remain in it, often paying  a lower monthly payment as rent, than you did on a mortgage  and loans/credit card repayments before.

These multi sized set of dress block patterns allows you to develop your designs without the worry of sizing and fit. After use, hang the chart on your studio wall.